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Sharing History and Culture – Video Playlist

The Journey of Self Education Video Playlist

The UK is Not Innocent. Here is Why – Video Playlist

Why Climate Justice is Social Justice – Video Playlist

  • Justice
    Justice for Black Lives can take many forms, let us start at the root. The root that is racism and […]
  • The Afrikan Diaspora
    You might firstly be wondering why Afrika is spelt here with a K click here to know more. Secondly you […]
  • Local Heroes
    Heroes come in all shapes and forms. Empowering people around them to be part of the change in society. These […]
  • Heroes and Influencers
    Calendar of Black History
  • Intersectional Environmentalism
    For too long, the Black community’s relationship to nature has been overshadowed and undermined. “What I find to be the […]
  • Black Minds Matter
    Mental Health is important every single day, it helps align our minds and energy for the coming day full of […]
  • History of Slavery in the British Caribbean
    Free Online Course Delivered by The University of the West Indies and The University of Glasgow. Explore the history and […]
  • Black History Month
    It’s Black History Month in the UK!⁣⁣This Black History Month, let’s continue to celebrate the achievements and the contributions to […]