Justice for Black Lives can take many forms, let us start at the root. The root that is racism and its use to justify the enslavement of Afrikan People. What does this justice look like in the UK? Well to start off the process of healing a wound first you must acknowledge the wound itself. The wounds that the Afrikan Diaspora still feels today can not be brushed aside. Like we have seen “Silence is Violence”. The UK’s silence is deafening and a signal it wishes to continue the violent practice of racism which it still benefits from today. The enslavers and beneficiaries of enslaved Afrikan people have only just been paid off by the tax payers in 2015. This wound needs to be acknowledged and repaired. Repaired through the holistic approach of Reparations. Reparations Now. The Maangamizi – Afrikan Holocaust effects are still with us today and continue to inflict hurt in new ways. Genocide and Ecocide go hand in hand. Together we must Stop the Maangamizi and that starts with acknowledgement of the biggest crime against humanity. Here is a balanced debate around Reparations to give you more detail: The West Should Pay Reparations for Slavery