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Black History Month

It’s Black History Month in the UK!⁣

This Black History Month, let’s continue to celebrate the achievements and the contributions to society made by black people across the world. However, let’s also use this time to reflect on how we’re working towards creating a more inclusive future, by amplifying black educators and activists and decolonising our curriculums and cultural spaces.⁣

Here are some ways you can help this Black History Month:⁣

• @theblackcurriculum teach black history in and out of schools across the UK – you can support them by donating via the website in their bio.⁣
• @allblacklivesuk are hosting protests and events across the month – check out their page for a list of dates to get involved.⁣
• @everydayracism_ have designed a campaign to develop more anti-racist schools – visit their bio for a letter template you can send to your local educational provider.⁣
• @bcaheritage is currently the only heritage centre dedicated to black British history and are celebrating black futures month this month – show your support and give them a visit if you’re in London in the next few weeks.⁣

Black History Month shouldn’t be the only time we get to celebrate our ancestors. Black history is British history, and should be remembered every day.⁣ Black History Matters